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Apex Toys (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd was set up in 2002.UAV Intelligent Toy Manufacturer ,focusing on research and manufacture, modeling , mould design and the software and hardware development, owning the strong production capacity in supplying shipments globally.
    Wu Yong, the founder of Apex, a gentle, honesty pragmatic man, never compromise, extremely rich insights, adhere to the dream.
    Since 2010 Apex Toys has started to design and make the RC airplanes, and has become the professional RC airplanes company gradually ,which is specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing R/C planes, helicopter and drones, and satisfying customized products service. We have a number of automatic high-speed SMT production lines, 12 plug-in lines, 4 wave soldering machines. 4 of pull and test the assembly lines after welding, with a clean anti-static workshop of 3500 square meters. Now There are about 500 workers in our factory and 20 senior engineers in our R&D team and 10 sales in our the foreign trade team , With the efforts of all staff, Apex Toys has a rapid development, obtains ISO9001, GSV certification and ICTI certification, complies with all international standard, our own patent products are sold all over the world. Spin master, Wal-mart, Sam's club ,Costco ,TRU ,Propel, Ross,etc all are selling our products, as we have our own factory, working directly with R&D department and production department can provide customers with more efficient service and more competitive price , also shorten the development lead time for new products, and quicken to solve all kinds of issues.
    In 2015, Shenzhen GooDrone intelligent technology Co.,ltd was established , is independent of the high-end projects concentrating on research and development of UAV and Robots. Now has 28 persons in R&D team and applies for more than 50 national patents( More than 20 national patents get approval), focuses for the Apex and the same industry to provide intelligent technology solutions.
Apex, 15 years has always been the same. Enterprise's core prime power derives from the founder's childhood electronic science and technology dream. This is the reason why Apex can survive happily and develop perseveringly in any environment
    We are located in the beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, Kuichong street, Shenzhen City, Innovation, passion, security, happiness is the best gift we bring to customers.
    Apex UAV intelligent toy manufacturer
    The world is changing, and Apex always.
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