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Apex Drone(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd is a China high-tech enterprise, which is positioned as the "UAV intelligent product manufacturer", focusing on intelligent aircrafts appearance design, manufacturing, sales, and R&D including commodity modeling, mold design, hardware, and software function development; to provide customers with high-quality products and services. Apex gains the ISO9001 certification, GSV certification, ICTI certification and BSCI certification for global exportation. 62 pieces of patented products and certifications have been achieved so far.
In 2002, Apex started of intelligent aircraft core software business.
In 2010, Apex diversified business and got down to finished-product production, started intelligent flying toys and consumer drones and other aerial toys design and manufacture. Apex introduced  high-speed automatic SMT production lines, plug-in line, assembly line, automated assembly line, plane wave soldering machine, injection machine, and several large equipments to meet production expansion.
Apex built up mold workshop and expanded production workshop from 3500 square meters  to 12000 square meters. Now Apex has 500 staffs in production, 20 senior engineers in the R&D team and a foreign trade team to handle overseas orders dedicatedly. In summary, Apex forms product design to mold manufacturing, from PCB SMT plugin to molding, product assembly to provide customers more efficient service and competitive products.
In 2015, Shenzhen GooDrone intelligent technology Co., Ltd .was established as affiliated company,  and it is awarded High-tech enterprise simultaneously. Shenzhen CooDrone focuses on high-end UAV and robot projects research and development. It obtained patented technologies in just one year. Shenzhen GooDrone has its R&D team and has 27 patented products. Products 100% comply with export standards. Products are exported to Europe, America, South Korea, and other countries.
Innovation is the source power of Apex development . We can quickly transform products from R&D to production based on our concentration on customer needs and product changes . Quality is the lifeline of Apex survival. Our mold, injection molding, high-speed paster, welding, automatic assembly, and other modern production lines are guarantees of production quality. 

At Apex, we strive to bring our customers high quality products, innovation, passion, security, happiness and best services.
Apex locates in the beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, Kuichong street, Shenzhen City.
Apex, a smart toy drone manufacturer!
The world is changing, and Apex always!
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